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Technical Workshop delivered to British Dam Society by Glenfield Valves Ltd.

Glenfield Valves Ltd were delighted to have the opportunity to deliver a technical workshop entitled “Valves & Pipework” during the 20th Biennial Conference of the British Dam Society (BDS) at Swansea University in September. 

The Workshop was facilitated by Mott MacDonald.

The workshop, delivered by Greg Morris (AVK UK Technical Manager), provided an introduction to the various valve types used in dams and reservoirs applications; selection of the correct valve for different applications; and the potential pitfalls of getting this wrong.  Rehabilitation of older and historical valves used in existing dams was also presented.

There was particular focus on valve selection for bottom outlet discharge applications as shown in the diagram below.

Glenfield Valves Bottom outlet valves 

The workshop was attended by over 70 BDS members and there were some very interesting discussions on correct valve selection, as well as the various options that are available, including hoods for jet containment.

This is the first time that the BDS have held workshops and the feedback received was of great interest, awareness and success and should be continued for future Conferences.

As the technical lead for this workshop, Greg found this event to be mutually beneficial.  He commented, “As well as hearing first-hand about some of the projects and valve issues that face these leading professionals, it provided an opportunity to demonstrate the expertise, products and services that Glenfield and the wider AVK Group can offer this segment”.

Glenfield Valves Ltd are a member of the AVK Group of Companies and offer comprehensive technical services, engineering solutions and a wide range of products for dams and reservoirs projects within the UK and abroad such as: -
• Specialist flow control valves installed at the terminal point of the pipeline which provide excellent energy dissipation performance.
• Servicing, rehabilitation and re-installation of older valves. 
• A considerable archive of original component drawings dating back over 100 years, to assist in valve refurbishment.

Please contact us with any dam and reservoir valve (old and new) requirements you may have, and we can provide the support required to make your project successful.


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