Eccentric Plug Valve

The AVK Series 764 Eccentric Plug Valve for water and waste water


AVK’s eccentric plug valve range offers unparalleled strength and robustness in the most demanding of situations.

AVK eccentric plug valves for pump control shut-off and throttling service in a variety of applications from potable water, raw water and waste water treatment to mining and general industry - where the ability to control and isolate flow is key to the operation.

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AVK's range of control valves offer a product to suit your needs, your project and your installation.  Sometimes choosing the right valve can be difficult and our product specialists are available to offer support and advice should you need it. Our product offer covers:

Smart Water.

An intelligent solution to monitor and control your water networks through devices, installed on valves and hydrants that communicate real-time data to enable remote, monitoring and control your water distribution network.

Network Safety.

Vacuum, air entrainment and water hammer, the common causes of pipeline failure. Selecting the correct valve in both diameter and type will allow water utilities to manage networks more efficiently during any 24 hour period,

Control Valves.

Automatic control valves are used to obtain efficient  flow management and pressure resulting in reduced water loss through leakages, reduced risk of water hammer and pipe bursts, reduced disruption to consumers and minimised risk of contamination.

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